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Saturday, January 15, 2011

At&T Might Be Losing Alot Of Customers Thanks to iPhone coming on Verizon

Chris Foresman over at reports that 16% of AT&T iPhone customers are prepared to jump ship ASAP.
This really dosen't come as a big suprise. It's been a well known fact that ATA&T iPhone customers were anxious to get better service, and it seems like Verizons fios network is just what the doctor ordered to heal all the dropped called woes of AT&T's notoriously crappy service.
With the new iPhone5 and iPad 2 assuredly just around the corner I would suggest selling any AT&T stock you might have 'cause their pockets are about to get ALOT lighter.
I think the only hope AT&T has now is that most users don't want to pay that brutal E.T.A(early termination fee) so their likely to keep their contracts until they run out.
Hit the link to read the full article.
16% of AT&T Customers Ready To Jump Ship For Verizon iPhone

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