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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Microsoft's Mix 2011 to Focus More on WP7


Microsoft’s annual mix conference in Las Vegas Nevada, which traditionally has been more web-dev-centric is starting next week and it’s going to be big on WP7.

Microsoft’s mix conference is a week long event in which developers' can go hear talks and learn how to better develop on Microsoft’s software. Last year it drew 1,000 developers and as in years passed was very web focused. Most of the talks and conferences were on Azure, Silverlight and Microsoft’s other web technologies.

Microsoft currently barley makes a mark on the smartphone market with it’s WP7 OS, but it is new and they do have a pretty bad mobile record. However this week, mix is hoping to attract more developers to the platform and teach them a thing or two on the way.

There’s going to be workshops on building WP7 apps, boot camp sessions meant to get developers up and coding quick, and Microsoft’s corporate VP with Microsoft’s mobile business is expected to give a keynote speech on Wednesday.

Along with all the Windows Phone 7 craziness there will also be talks and workshops on all the good old things we’ve come to expect from mix, Azure, HTML5, and Silverlight.

Source: Seattle Times

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