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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Do You Really Own Your Tech?

With all the controversy surrounding GeoHot new ps3 crack I can't help but think to myself. If you buy and pay for a piece of hardware, do you actually own it? I mean can't you modify a car to whatever ends without fear of some multi-national car company suing you?
I understand that they want to do their best to stop pirated games and they should. I think that the people who make games deserve to get paid for their efforts and I don't feel their overcharging for their products. However since the hack doesn't explicitly allow for the playing of pirated games there really is no 'cause for sony's reaction. It's really a simple matter of do you really own that box? If you do, you should be able to do anything you want to it within reason. I would expect Sony to go after some who might be trying to weaponize the ps3, that would be an example of someone not acting withing reason.

If Sony really wanted to solve this problem they could simply allow a homebrew channel on the ps3 that could run some open source software and just let people have at it. If someone violates a law by say creating an illegal emulator, then let the company who has the problem deal with it. At least thats how I feel.
I'm also wondering how far this can go? Another aspect of the hack is that it allows the ps3 to run Linux so If I go buy a pc with windows on it from Best Buy, wipe the hard drive and run Linux, then am I violating some law? Isn't the damn ps3 just a computer specialized to run games? I know it sounds silly, and it probably is, none the less I think that Sony is being stupid as hell in this lawsuit and should cut this shit out. There's no way there gonna stop people from getting/doing what they want with their tech so they should either support their customers or just get out of the business all together.

Here's an interview with GeoHot on Attack Of The Show

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