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Monday, January 17, 2011

Tablets, Tablets, Tablets!

We haven't seen this much interest in tablets since Moses left mount Sinai all those years ago. It seems now like everyone and their mother wanna get in on this new tablet craze, and I can't blame em. With the success of Apple's iPad last year it was no shock to hear about all the many new tablet devices set to go to war against Apples little beast this year.
I personally think it's pretty damn kick ass, I like tablets they're pretty cool gadgets, and I can't wait to see Apple get some serious competition.
I'm expecting that competition mainly to come from Android since Windows seems to be totally deaf to it's users and keeps trying to shoehorn windows 7 onto as many devices as possible, even when it makes much more sense to say, use WP7 or just make something new altogether. And with Android Honeycomb being made specifically for tablets and already showing strong on devices it looks like Microsoft may be losing some money this year. But I'm sure they'll get on that look how quick they were to fix Windows Mobile (insert sarcastic face).

Here's a link to engadgets hella thorough run-down of the tablets of CES.
Link: Tablets at CES 2011 Honeycomb Windows 7 and all the Rest

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