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Friday, January 28, 2011

U.K Releases WikiLeaks Hackers on Police Bail



The 5 WikiLeaks hackers that were arrested in the U.K yesterday have been released on police bail. Over here in the US the FBI has issued their search warrants but as far as I know made no arrests from the 40 they have on hand.

The hackers are members of the group anonymous, the group had this to say:

"You can easily arrest individuals, but you cannot arrest an ideology. We are united by a common objective and we can and will cross any borders to achieve that," Anonymous said in its statement.

"So our advice to you, the UK government, is to take this statement as a serious warning from the citizens of the world. We will not rest until our fellow anon protesters have been released."


Two Dutch suspects have also been arrested and released in a Europe wide investigation carried out  in conjunction with Scotland Yard.

If I was the government in any of these situations I would not be so quick to chase after a group of citizens who were only fighting to have the wars and their governments made more transparent. These people might have only carried out DDos attacks the last time, but that was seemingly because they weren’t really pissed off yet, and don’t forget they got to MasterCard, Visa and Amazon among many many others. So arresting and prosecuting 40-50, hell even 300-400 out of thousands who have capabilities to possibly fuck with a lot of peoples money, and maybe really cause some serious economical damage is a dangerous game to play.

Not to mention that their probably only catching kids who really were just doing it to be part of something cool, or the many people who allowed anonymous to use their computers as gateways. So in the end they catch the small fish, simply to piss off the big dogs, trying to get them to carry out an attack, in the hopes that they’ll catch someone slipping, prosecute the hell out of them and hope it scares enough people that they either stop. And all the while they hope no one notices their incompetence and how pathetically they attempt to stop those who only have their best interest at heart.

There is nothing to fear, the truth will set you free.

Check the link for the guardian post.

Article: Anonymous hacking suspects released on bail

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