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Thursday, February 17, 2011

16 Year Old Confesses to Killing Mother Over PlayStation

Philadelphia police heard the confession of a 16 year old boy (Kendall Anderson) yesterday who beat his mother (Rashida Anderson) to death with a claw hammer after she took his PlayStation.

According to reports a very long argument the day after Thanksgiving, led to Miss Anderson taking Kendall's PlayStation away as punishment for the way he was acting. Kendall then waited until she went to sleep and hit her 20 times with a claw hammer, killing her while she slept.

Kendall apparently tried to cremate Miss Anderson in their oven and after that third epic fail in this saga he decided to smash her head in with a chair and then throw her body with some garbage in an alley.

Kendall says that if he had the chance he would not repeat his actions, stating "I miss my mother, she was the only one who cared for me".


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