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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Google Removes 55 Apps For Infecting Phones



Google has removed a number of (55) apps from the Android marketplace for installing a Trojan virus names DroidDream.

Google apparently has the capability to disable the malicious apps remotely using their cloud services, however the DroidDream virus could possibly allow users to gain sufficient access to the phone to disable the feature.

Check out the links if you want to read more.

Naked Security:Aftermath of the Droid Dream Android Market malware attack

Info Security:DroidDream Trojan is a nightmare for thousands of Android users


  1. What will the phone do when this virus has downloaded? My phone went out saturday, it just turns on and off continuously.

  2. The virus was pretty bad it would send out text messages to premium services that would charge your account ish-loads of money. As long as you don't download anything from anywhere except the android marketplace you should be okay. The virus was being spread through third party sites.

    Sounds like you have a problem with the battery connector, you might should take it to a store and have them look at it if you can.