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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

PlayStation 3 Hacker GeoHot’s Lawyers Calling Out Sony’s BS


The recent battle between hacker GeoHot and Sony is taking a new turn today as GeoHot’s lawyers try to prevent the case from being held in CA. His lawyers are also trying to dismiss Sony’s claim that Geohotz created a PSN account, blickmaniac.

Sony claims that the blickmaniac nickname is traceable to on of Geohotz’s PS3 consoles, a claim his lawyers have proven to just be hyperbole. According to the lawyers the serial number that Sony is saying belongs to the blickmaniac name dosen’t match the serial number that hotz gave to the courts. Another damning piece of evidence found by hotz’s  lawyers points to a blog post in which someone else claims to be the owner of the blickmaniac account. Not to mention the fact that a PSN account can easily be completely falsified.

It is important that this issue gets cleared up as this is Sony’s biggest piece of evidence against Geohotz. If he accepted the PSN terms of service by creating an account then they have a much better chance of winning their case against him, if not well than he never really agreed not to do what he did, did he?

Another turn in the case is Sony trying to get the case handled in California courts, stating that Geohotz code was downloaded there about 21,000 times, and for some reason that allows them to move the case to CA, which would logically mean that Hotz is subject to jurisdiction in every state where the software was downloaded, and it was downloaded over 323,000 times, which would mean he’s pretty much going to spend the rest of his life in court. In other words Sony is bullshit and they are trying to skive their way through this case like the bastards they are proving themselves to be.

Yet another steaming pile of BS coming from Sony in this case is the fact that SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America are the ones pursuing the case when the firmware, hardware and software are all created in Japan.

The thing that really pisses me off in this case personally is the fact that Geohot didn’t profit 1 cent from any of his work, Sony makes billions of dollars a year and has an entire team of people dedicated to upgrading and fixing their console software. That Sony would act so childish just because the got pwned by a young man smarter than their entire firmware development team is an insult to not just hackers but tinkerers and inventors of all kinds. Sony shitting on your freedom to do what you want with the tech you buy, even if it’s not for profit is the biggest reason I don’t own and never will buy ANY Sony products period.

Fuck You Sony

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of as a whole, from the bottom of our hearts…Fuck Sony.

You can read the a much more in-depth article that contains a lot of the official paperwork at the source.

Source: Groklaw

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