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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Former Gucci Employee Charged With $200,000 Worth of Damages After Hack



A 34 year old former network engineer for Gucci has been charged with causing $200,000 worth of damages after hacking into their systems.

Sam Chihlung Yin, during his time at Gucci created a fake employee account and after he was fired from his job, tricked the companies IT workers into activating it. After activating the account Yin wrecked havoc in Gucci’s internal email servers stopping store managers and other workers from accessing their email accounts.

Besides deleting their mail servers Yin also shut down a storage area network and deleted several virtual servers.

According to claims by Gucci Yin caused $200,000 dollars worth of damages by diminishing productivity,  and in restoration/remediation measures.

Yin is being charged with identity theft, falsifying business records, computer trespass and computer tampering among other charges.

Source: News Factor

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