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Friday, April 1, 2011

GameStop Gobbles Up Spawn Labs and Impulse



In an effort to increase it’s online digital distribution presence, GameStop announced late yesterday that they acquired two companies, namely Spawn Labs and Impulse.

Spawn Labs provides a game-streaming service which allows users to connect to a purchased game in the cloud and play it on any internet enabled and capable device.

Impulse, Inc. a proven digital distribution platform platform that allows users to quickly and easily find their favorite games and download them to their internet connected devices” according to the press release by GameStop.

GameStop’s president Tony Bartel said in their press release: “Our customers are gaming in many locations and on many devices, and we need to deliver the same great immersive experience that the have come to expect” when referring to the acquisitions.

The acquisition of these two companies by GameStop puts them in direct competition with some of the companies whose games they sell in their retail stores. Such as EA and Blizzard who also offer services to download their games, add-ons, expansions etc.. through their websites.  I don’t think they’ll be providing very much competition to those sites, I think users are VERY unlikely to start going to Impulse to buy their games instead of going to the official sites just because GameStop owns them now.

I do think that people who already use one of those services now, might want to go ahead and try the other if GameStop can properly combine the two companies strengths. This could be a good thing for users of one or the other services.

The services should both be available for users sometime in May, after all the paperwork and technical details are worked out.

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