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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Google’s Map Maker Now Available in the U.S


Google announced today that users in the United States will now be able to add content to Google maps via their Map Maker toolkit.

The toolkit that’s been available in other countries for a while now will allow users to make changes to Google Maps such as:

  • Adding your favorite local businesses
  • Moving out of position place to their ‘right spot’
  • Trace the outline of buildings to see it in Google Maps
  • Label buildings inside of schools and universities
  • Making footpaths to help students find their way
  • Trace the outline of an area and then add spots to make detailed maps

Here’s a video Google released to explain all the features of Map Maker that will now be available in the U.S:

I can only assume that Google is hoping users will use Map Maker in conjunction with their recent +1 service to help promote that service. People can +1 the businesses they like that might not be getting reviews or much notice in the press and help bump them to the top of Google search. Facebook has pretty well proven that people are much more likely to listen to the opinions of their friends and other ‘regular people’ than critics or reviewers so I can see how this might make people more inclined to use Google +1.

Aaron Saenz at Singularity Hub wrote a great article on how Map Maker along with other Google products is helping to create one hell of a detailed digital world map. Check out in the source link.

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