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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Microsoft Plans Big Window Phone Upgrade, Just Not Anytime Soon


Microsoft seems like their ready to step up their Windows Phone game, they’ve announced in a non-specific way at MIX when developers and users can expect to start playing with the new version of the OS.

Developers can expect to get the tools in next month (may), with the consumer upgrade coming by the end of this year. It seems like Microsoft is waiting to let Nokia get their hardware out before they make any big changes, hopefully they’re working together on something big and are just waiting for it to be perfect before they release it. Who knows? Maybe the two are working on a Tablet. The current market for WP7 phones is pretty sad, and the only remotely exciting WP7 phone announced is HTC’s sweetness coming AT&T. It’s almost as if their purposely keeping their own product down.

The latest version of Windows Phone, which is codenamed ‘Mango’ makes some pretty big upgrades to what is probably one of the weakest mobile OS’ with a share in the market. Some of those upgrades include such ‘revolutionary’ new features as; multitasking, integration with Twitter, motion sensing and camera integration with apps. Things that are already commonplace on Android and iOS devices.

Although these upgrades pretty much only catch them up with their competition, at least Microsoft is trying. WP7 is a nice OS, I like the tiles and I’m pretty anxious to see what Nokia does on the hardware side, so if things go well next year we might have some pretty good choices between three really really polished and well developed OS’.

I like corporate competition.

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