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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pepsi Releasing New Social Vending Machines



PepsiCo made an announcement today that they plan to make buying drinks at their vending machines a much more social experience…I guess.

The whole vending machine looks pretty boring and I couldn’t find any videos that show it off, I did however find a video that shows Coke beat Pepsi to the punch as far as crazy touchscreen vending machines go:


But the above video is not social, like PepsiCo’s however. So what makes the new social vending machines so special? Well I’m glad you asked, PepsiCo decided that buying a drink for yourself, although nice, is not the way things should be. They’ve worked out a system that lets you send a gift to a friend. It works by you selecting a drink, entering your friends name, cell number and a personal text message letting your friend know you care (I suggest sending a diet coke with the message: Get it? to one of your chubbier friends, that’s a larf).

If a text isn’t good enough, you can even send a video right there! Holy #$% that’s awesome!

Regardless of whether you choose video or text, your friend gets a system code with instructions to redeem it at any PepsiCo Social Vending System (that’s what they’re calling it). When your buddy gets there the are given the choice of sending you a gift back, re-gifting your $2 present or just taking it and calling it a day,

One of the benefits of the system is that now PepsiCo’s data miners and their ilk a whole new wealth of data porn to sift through, and we all know how those guys love sifting. That way they can better mange distribution so that you don’t get any old, flat sodas, or other ‘treat’.

Yes I said other, PepsiCo apparently has plans to send out not just beverage machines, but all sorts of other types of delicious diabetes-giving edibles. That means soon you’ll be able to give your friends all sorts of candy treats like Doritos and whatever other crap PepsiCo packages.

Pepsi expects to roll out the machines later this year with some key strategic partners.

Source: TG Daily

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