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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PSN Still Down And If That’s Not Enough Someone Stole Your Info

By: Kareem


So here it is, it’s Tuesday and PSN is still down. Sony is announcing that not only is there no word on when it will be back up, but apparently someone’s pulled all the information off their customer lists.

According to a post on the PlayStation blog today, Patrick Seybold announced that users of Qrocity and PSN have had most of their personal information stolen. Some of the information that was compromised includes users addresses, names, login information and the answers to your security questions.

Sony is warning that PSN and Qrocity users to be on the look out for any suspicious activity on their accounts and to login and change their passwords and other information ASAP.

A lot of PSN users are understandably upset, 7 days without service and now this? What’s next? People are blaming hackers for this, but Sony is the one that instigated it, if you’re a PSN or Qrocity user I would suggest cancelling your memberships and going a different route, nothing's 100% safe but you can at least go to a company that dosen’t put you directly in the line of fire and instigate childish battles.

Source: Digital Trends


  1. is this favoritism for shitbox? it seems like you need a reminder - even the xbox live is hackable, just because it wasnt a target, doesnt make it superior. every computer is hackable. so you should make stop making something sound more superior than it actually is

  2. Yea, I'm pretty well aware that any computer is hackable. I did say that nothing is 100% safe, and I don't play favorite, I hate fanboys, it's just my opinion that you might not want to affiliate yourself with a company that starts fights with hackers. Xbox live is hackable, as a matter of fact some kid hacked one of MS execs accounts not too long back.

    I could explain how that was social engineering and not a failure in thier network security but that's not important.

    I don't feel like I made Xbox seem supiroror I'm just pissed off at Sony I couldn't care less what system someone plays on, I just think that maybe, when the company that runs the system you game one, has all your personal information, and has such a shit network that it takes them over a month to patch all their security holes...maybe you should think about switiching to one that dosen't, could be PC, could be iPhone, could be Wii, I don't care.

    Sony didn't properly pen-test their system before going ahead and putting all your personal info on it. Sony went ahead and started a fight with hackers putting all your information in danger. Sony is solely responsible for all this and they don't seem to have learned any real lesson.

    So while I may not be a Shitbox fanboy I still stand by my fuck Sony feelings.