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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sprint Releases Their First Green Phone, the Samsung Replenish


Sprint made an announcement today that their releasing their first green-approved phone, the Samsung Replenish, this may. The phone continues Sprint’s efforts to become the most eco-friendly player in the U.S mobile market.

The phone isn’t too shabby either, but it’s nothing to get excited about either, unless your into all that green nonsense. If you sign up for a two year contract it only costs $49.99. For that price you get a 2.8 touch QWERTY interface, 3 MP camera, Wi-Fi support a microSD slot and Android 2.2. The Replenish is also made of a pretty impressive 82% recycled materials.

Sprint also announced a solar battery charger accessory for the phone that will also be available in may and a Green ID pack that will come pre-loaded in the phone (I assume) and fill it with all sorts of hippyware, such as and, apps that will allow you to do such things as find energy efficient lighting and locally grown produce.

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