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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Update: PSN Still Down

By: Syeed


The PlayStation network is still down, and now Sony is saying it might be a few more days until it comes back.  They haven’t said anything defiant yet, but there expecting service to fully return for all users on Tuesday.

The problems started Wednesday evening, when Sony acknowledged that certain functions of the PSN were down. On Thursday the official PlayStation blog reported that the network will be up and running in a day or two. Friday came around and the update was that Sony shut down the network on their own in order to increase security from outside intrusions. The intrusions in question took place on the PSN and Qriocity services, but Sony refused to release details, come Saturday Sony tells everyone that they are taking this opportunity to increase security on their infrastructure . It’s now Sunday and Sony still hasn’t restored service and says they don’t plan to till Tuesday. That’s a 6-day network fail, great job guys.

Originally the hacker group anonymous was being blamed for the attack, they had previously launched a successful DDoS attack on the PSN, which ended when gamers started complaining. Anonymous’ goal was never to harm or annoy gamers, they wanted Sony and it’s top brass to suffer, so they stopped attacking.

I find it kind of odd that Sony decides to shutdown their own network without warning. Especially during a week when three major games were released on the PlayStation 3. If they needed to update, why don’t they do what Microsoft does and just roll out the updates late at night/early AM when hardly anyone is online?

If they were attacked and continue to keep their network closed to ‘update’ security then that’s just lame on their part, you would think that after anonymous launched their earlier DDoS attack that Sony would have beefed up security. I would guess they would’ve done that as soon as the warning of the attack went out, but it seems like instead, Sony decided that since anonymous stopped attacking they had nothing to worry about. It seems like they just left security on their network wide open for whoever wanted to go next, an now after the fact they’re rushing to fix a problem that should’ve been addressed weeks ago.

Source: PC Mag

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