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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Facebook Wants To Buy Skype



The word is on the web that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is looking into joining up with Skype or buying the company outright.

According to the rumors Facebook is planning to buy Skype out directly for $3-4 billion, there’s no real explanation as to why Zuckerberg is eying Skype however.

Skype already integrated Facebook pretty heavily in it’s latest software version, the company started allowing users to call their Facebook friends directly from the newsfeed in Facebook. This might be why Facebook is interested in Skype, maybe they’re seeing big numbers of users using the service or getting a lot of possible feedback.

If that’s not enough Facebook also recently teamed up with T-Mobile to set up the Bobsled service which basically allows for the same thing, only users don’t have to have a Skype account, they can just download a simple app that works in Facebook.

All this is just rumor and speculation as of right now, but is sure would be interesting to see a Facebook-Skype merger. I wonder what they would do with the tech.

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