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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Google’s New Android Market Makes Life A Lot Sweeter For Developers


By: Syeed

Google announced that there are going to be some changes coming to the Android market soon. The new layout, features and other goodies are defiantly going to help users find apps and devs make more money off their work.

The good news for users is that the Android Market on phones and the web is getting a sexy new look that makes it easier for users to find apps. There making it so people will be able to search by developer, related apps, Trending Apps, Top Apps and Editors choice. There will be no more fugly 3 column layout, it’s being replaced by panels that make the Top apps and most popular downloads ‘pop’ a lot more than they used to. The whole thing just looks a whole lot nicer, and makes it much easier to find and get the apps you want.

For the developers out there, Google is adding some sweet new features that will allow you to block apps from particular devices. This is a good move by Google to help deal with the fragmentation issue on Android. Since developers can essentially make their apps ‘invisible’ to certain devices, we can expect that within the coming months less and less people will be getting frustrated by downloading apps that don’t seem to work or run right on their device (anyone try playing Angry Birds on a Samsung Transform?… I rest my case). Just a word to you developers out there, don’t be lazy please block your apps if they don’t run on certain devices and you know it, at least till you can fix ‘em. It helps the Android dev community as a whole. So that’s cool…but wait there’s more. Google is also allowing devs to upload bigger files and create drafts so they can check out how their app performs on different devices by just downloading from the market.

Google is hoping all these new thingamabobs they’re offering will help get developers noticed in the crowded and increasingly growing Android Market.

Here’s a video of the announcement (scroll to the 40:00 mark if you just want to see what the new Market’s going to look like):

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