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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quick Hit: N.Y. Attorney General Wants To Know Why PSN Went Down




Just this Tuesday Eric Schneiderman, N.Y attorney general subpoenaed Sony. Apparently they have some questions as to how and why the breach happened.

Sony is claiming that the attack was well organized and planned and that it had to be carried out by experts who had been researching the companies security. They’ve gotten the FBI involved in their personal investigation and it looks like they may be getting a little more help in hunting down the person or persons who caused all this havoc.

Sony is claiming that the perpetrators of the crime had only the intent of stealing credit card information in order to use it for ‘illegal purposes’. Even though there hasn’t been any evidence of the cards being used, and beside I thought Sony said the card numbers were encrypted and safe.

We can expect Sony to divulge all the details in court, until then we just have to guess at who might’ve done this and more importantly why. Was it just to prove a point? Or did they have some sort of malicious intent?

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