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Monday, May 30, 2011

Quick Hit: Unknown HTC Windows Phone With 12 MP Camera Support

By: Kareem Ali

So it would seem the rumors of an HTC-WP7 12 MP camera were true. A phone reviewer by the name of Eldar Murtazi posted some tweets and pictures of the phone showing off it’s 12 MP capabilities check em out:


The pictures also show that the phone will be capable of capturing images in RAW format which is a first I think for phones.

Murtazi said this via his twitter account "I like 12 megapixel camera on WP7 - support RAW, some additional settings. Quality is not bad at all. Will compare with N8 tomorrow"

There is no other real information on the phone other than it will be running Mango (as Murtazi shows in the video below). There’s no release date or even and official  name for this device yet, but a lot of people seem to be pretty excited about it.

Here’s the vid (in Russian):

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