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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Quick Hit:Lockheed Martin Hacked?



According to recent reports, the U.S’ biggest defense contractor, Lockheed Martin might have fallen victim to a recent hacking attempt.

The attack was apparently carried out using RSA SecureID tokens from EMC that were stolen in another hack this past March. According to reports someone used the ID’s to break into Lockheed Martin’s company network.

Lockheed Martin isn’t commenting on what data was stolen if any. It’s pretty safe to assume that anything exceedingly top secret wouldn’t be stored on any network whatsoever, so I don’t see there really being much cause for panic. Not to mention no one knows who broke in or their intentions so it would be kind of silly to get too worried now.

Reports are also saying that once Lockheed Martin was made aware of the breach they forced everyone to change their passwords company-wide and ordered another 90,000 SecureID tokens from EMC.

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