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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sega Gets Hacked LulzSec Offers Help



By: Syeed 

Sega had one of their databases broken into recently and lost about 1.3 million users information. LulzSec has decided their going to help out this time, apparently they really love the Dreamcast.

So first off here’s the details on the breach.  According to an email sent out by Sega to it’s Sega Pass users on Friday, the breach occurred on June 15th and on June 16th they shut down the Sega Pass system for safety reasons. The email goes on to say that Sega identified some of their users email addresses, dates of birth and encrypted passwords were stolen. Sega says they took immediate action, isolated the problem, closed off the system and reset all the passwords. They recommend that users who night use the same email/password combination for other sites should go and change those ASAP, and to be cautious of all emails you receive as the information could be used for spear phishing.

The real kicker here (for Sony at least) is that no payment information was stolen because Sega is either not financially capable of, or not stupid enough to take payment information on their own. All users payments go through external payment providers which is a good thing, a very very good thing.

That’s not all either. In an odd twist the biggest suspect is actually offering to help Sega catch the people who did this, LulzSec. The mentioned in a tweet yesterday aimed at Sega that they want to help them destroy the hackers that attacked them. Their reason, they love the Dreamcast. It’s still tough to say if their honestly offering their services (I would wager they are) or if LulzSec is just pulling an O.J and trying to make themselves look more innocent by going after “the real killers”. Either way that’s one hell of a twist.

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