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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Video: Microsoft's Debuts Windows 8 New Look



By: Kareem

Microsoft unveiled a whole lot more about their next OS Windows 8 at D9 this year. Including a video demo of the new look and some of the new features.

The biggest and most prominent change is in the whole UI. Microsoft has decided to do away with anything that looks remotely comfortable for a desktop and create a tile based interface like the one on WP7.  Honestly it dosen’t look like it’s going to be uncomfortable on anything besides a tablet.

One pretty important point not mentioned in the vid is that Windows 8 is apparently going to be scalable on everything from ARM processors to I5’s. Which really makes me suspicious that Microsoft is really giving up on the desktop and banking heavy on the mobile market.

There is no release date (although most people are hoping next year) and no word on whether they’ll be an option to make the interface more ‘normal’ or if Microsoft plans on ramming their Zune/Wp7 interface down everyone’s throats.

Check out the video below:


More On Windows 8 Coming Soon

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