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Monday, July 18, 2011

Hackers Planning Their Own Social Network?


By: Kareem 

Some cats either from or supporters of anonymous have decided that enough is enough with what they view as BS social networks and decided to start their own.

The site is called anonplus is already up, although all it contains right now is a single page outlining their plans along with the names of some of the key devs, and a developers forum where people can contribute ideas and skills. According to the anonplus website the plan is to create a social network free from forced accounts, information mining and censorship.

There’s no official announcement from anonymous as of this writing, so no one really knows if they’re members or just some developers sympathetic to anonymous’ cause. So you can make of it what you will. According to the rumors the idea for the site came after a number of anonymous members were censored on other social networking sites.

I’m fairly neutral when it comes to social networking. Most of the time social networking sites seem to dissolve into madness with people having 3000+ “friends” and no one really using the sites to do any real networking or socializing. It seems to me that most people use Facebook as a personal cloud scrapbook storage app, or to make money. There are a lot of ‘jobs’ out there for people who have massive Facebook and Twitter followings regardless of how many of their ‘friends’ are total hack accounts or how many of their followers are ‘marketing experts’. 

I wish these guys the best of luck and hope they succeed if for no other reason than just to see what /b/ version 3.0 will look like. We can’t be certain this isn’t a prank or that it will go anywhere, but still it’s some pretty interesting news nonetheless.

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Source: Information Week

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