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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Facebook Releases New "Timeline" Feature Today

Facebook released it's latest update called "Timeline" to all users today. The feature has been in development behind the scenes over the past few months. Unlike many of Facebooks other features which got rushed to the Internets whilst still in beta form, Timeline was fleshed out more before being unleashed.

So what is Timeline? Simply put it allows users to aggregate their pictures, posts, videos and other shared data into a 'Week in the life' sorta deal where people can see everything you've been up to in a given period. Facebook is taking a cue from it's previous privacy foibles and allowing users some time to edit what shows up in the timeline before it goes entirely public.

There is also an added "Life Event" button next to the normal status,  Photo, Place  buttons that allows you to mark certain life events such as; Changing a job, buying a new car, or announcing a move. So you now have a new way to compare your seemingly crappy life to other people "Highlights" enjoy.

As an added tidbit, The Verge is reporting that Android users are the first to get the updated profiles, so for once Android users can lord their 'better ' versions of Facebook over their iPhone using friends.


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