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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nokia Leaving Symbian Developers Out in the Dark

Nokia’s announcement yesterday has hit Symbian (Nokia’s OS) developers hard. The company has said they expect to sell another 150 million Symbian phones, including some that have not yet been released.
Nokia is trying to convince users of their QT framework to switch over to WP7, they say they can still offer a large market via their Ovi store which according to Nokia has 300,000 daily users and 4 million downloads a day.
So if your developing on QT don’t expect your base to continue growing, since there is no easy way to port QT apps to WP7. If you were planning on something for MeeGo my advice is abandon it. Nokia plans to only release one MeeGo device and I’m not expecting it to be a very hot item.
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Article: Nokia, Microsoft pact leaves out Symbian developers

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