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Friday, February 11, 2011

Nokia Makes Deal With Microsoft

Nokia announced today that they will be dropping their own Symbian OS in favor of microsofts new Windows Phone 7 operating system.

The move comes after a leaked memo (first published by Engadget) from Nokia's CEO in which he made comments how Nokia is not innovating enough and is on a "Burning platform" .

Nokia's move doesn't pigeonholed them into any particular operating system on their tablets. So I hope they find a way to get WP7 on a tablet, that would be a very interesting device.

Check out this very corporate style video announcing the alliance.

The move upset some of the 1500 Symbian engineers enough to walk out on their jobs today.

Check the link for a full article by the NY times.
 Article: Nokia to Use Microsoft’s Cellphone Operating System

Here's some more detailed information from Engadget.
Article: Nokia and Microsoft enter strategic alliance on Windows Phone, Bing, Xbox Live and more

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