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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chinese Scalpers Buy Out iPad 2’s and Sell Them For Double Overseas


According to an article by the NY Post. A group 0f Chinese scalpers, about 200 strong has been buying all the iPad 2’s from Apples New York Store and selling them in their home country.

The scalpers haven’t tried to hide, and aren’t afraid to admit what their doing. They admitted what they’re doing to the NY Post, one of them stating they buy from -then sell, and that the ones they bought that day were all ready one their way to China.

Apple hasn’t responded  yet, employees at the store and customers who want their own iPad 2 seem to be pretty upset and disgusted by the scalpers, as do I.

Check the link to read the full article.

Article: iPad Cads Scalping Buyers

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