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Monday, March 28, 2011

Intel Planning a New Round of SSDs



Intel announced it’s releasing a new line of 320 consumer series SSDs. They promised increased reliability and lowered the prices. Which is al a good thing to hear.

Prices on SSDs have been dropping (pretty much as expected) since they were released a few years back, but the prices still seem to remain to high  (about $1.80 per GB) to get OEMs and consumers to adopt the new tech.

The new Intel drive prices are:

  • 40GB-$89
  • 80GB-$159
  • 120GB-$209
  • 160GB-$289
  • 300GB-$529
  • 600GB-$1,069

The 300GB and 600 GB are new high-capacity SSDs.

Source: Beta News

Intel is also making this the first consumer SSDs to offer additional memory above the listed amount, a feature that puts to ease the common fear of data loss that comes with owning a SSD and was previously only in the enterprise editions of the hardware.

SSD stands for solid state drive and is a technology which uses a RAM-like setup (some liken it more to flash memory) instead of spinning disks. The benefits of using an SSD are many, my two favorite are instant power on and less risk of data loss when moving a ‘live’ machine (which is really handy for laptops).

The only real downside to using an SSD is the risk of data loss. Which happens due to such things as abrupt power loss, magnetic field and electric/static discharge. Spinning disk hard drive are locked in a faraday cage so they are much less susceptible to these effects.

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