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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Facebook Takes Down Anti-Israel Page Calling for Intifada



Facebook took down a page today that was promoting a new intifada against Israel. The page had reached 340,000 members as of yesterday and was titled “Third Palestinian Intifada”.

Facebook says that the page was in violation of their terms of use and that they removed the page because it called for direct violence against Israelis and Jews, adding that after repeated attempts to get the pages administrators to remove the offense content yielded no results, they had no other option.

A spokesman for Facebook by the name of Andrew Noyes said of the incident;                      

“We don’t typically take down content that speaks out against countries, religions, political entities, or ideas…” “…However, we monitor pages that are reported to us and when they degrade to direct calls for violence or expressions of hate – as occurred in this case – we have and will continue to take them down.”

Some people may be wondering why Facebook took these sites down, but did not get involved in the other recent uprisings that have used their site as a tool along with twitter, and YouTube to help with their rebellions. I think the key difference here is that this particular page was calling for direct violence, while people in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, did not use their pages to make direct calls for violence.

This is also a pretty amazing reminder of how Facebook came from a college dorm room to playing a part in toppling dictators.


  1. They don't take down comments against Muslims. Must be because the owner of Facebook is a Jewish Jew.

  2. I would remove your comment, some might find it offensive. But freedom of speech is what is is and I won't deny anyone their right to voice their opinions on this site.

    I don't agree however, Facebook has removed offensive anti-Muslim material in the past and will in the future, they, unlike me, are a massive site and cant allow everyone to voice their opinions uncensored. It would cost them too many followers.

    I understand Israel has no real defined borders and in some cases people must fight, I feel for those people. In the end however I think that. people in the middle east seem too entrenched in their religions to see the harm that their fanaticism does. Children and innocents are dying because some hardcore Jewish Israelis believes they have a right to land cause some bullshit old book tells them so and was supposedly written by divine inspiration. While at the same time hardcore Shia Muslims who disagree with Sunnis because their interpretation of their BS book tells them they have different last prophets? Meanwhile Christians on this side believe both are wrong and pray for them to find Jesus.

    I understand defending your land and your home completely, but attacking people for religious beliefs is as stupid to me as the beliefs themselves. Have faith in God, Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, Jah, whatever if you want. But don't put your faith into or believe religion to the point it justifies you murdering children.

    I will remain atheist until you all grow the fuck up stop believing in fairy tales and get along