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Sunday, March 27, 2011

iOS5 Rumors Abound, Cloud Service a Possibility


iOS5 (1)


Even though iOS 4.3 was just recently released by Apple, rumors are already hitting the web about possible functions in their new iOS release expected this fall.

Reports from around the internets are saying that Apple is expected to release iOS 5 during their WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference).

The biggest expected addition to iOS 5 is a rumored cloud storage feature that would allow users to store their content in an “online locker” so they could access their videos, movies and pictures through their iOS devices wherever they have an internet connection. Another big expected feature is some kind of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology that would let users share content and contacts with each other Bluetooth style.

People are also expecting a new device announcement from Apple during WWDC, some are saying iPad 3 but I think it might be a little too early for that, maybe a new Apple T.V or iPod seeing as iPhone 5 is expected in July, but you never know maybe they’ll hold out on that till WWDC.

Update: Apple Announced the WWDC dates. The conference is set to take place April 6-10. So we should know much more in about a week.

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