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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mini Hexacopter UAV Sees and Hears Through Walls



An Orange County CA company by the name of TiaLinx has debuted a new mini hexacopter (six bladed helicopter) that can hear and see people through walls.

The bot is called the Phoenix40-A, it’s a remote controlled mini hexacopter that can record video day and night and as mentioned above can see through walls. The Phoenix40-A, can also create a layout of a building and detects it’s occupants heartbeats in real-time. It accomplishes this feat by landing on top of a building and scan the structure using a narrow beam of multi GHz radio waves.

The company has received some military funding, and it is pretty well assumed this will be used for some sort of hunt and kill operations, however reports have also suggested it’s hunt and save possibilities as well.

Source: PopSci

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