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Monday, March 28, 2011

New Tech Allows Border Agents to Detect Lying Liars




A group of researchers from the University of Arizona are working on a new system that would allow border agents to detect possible threats with more accuracy.

The machine is called AVATAR, which is an acronym for Automated Virtual Agent for Truth Assessments. It’s about the size of an ATM and is apparently pretty good at judging whether people are lying or not by staring into their soul.

I kid of course, AVATAR uses HD cameras with infrared sensors and a microphone to capture and measure a persons facial expressions. According to it’s designers AVATAR uses the eyes as it’s main focal point for judging truthfulness, apparently eye dilation and movement are the two most common signs of a lying liar.

The scans aren’t expected to be totally accurate, results can be skewed from medical conditions or medication. Meaning it will have to be used in conjunction with a human agent in order to prevent false positives.

AVATAR is currently in it’s testing phase, it’s part of the Department of Homeland Security Center for Excellence in Border Security and Immigration project.

I can’t wait, it makes perfect sense to be this paranoid about foreign terrorism in a country that gets attacked by them about once every 5-10 years. It’s not like we could have used that money for say…I don’t know… better education or something.

Source: physorg

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