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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Time Warner Forced to Remove Channels From iPad App



Time Warner Cable is removing about a dozen channels from it’s iPad app after receiving complaints from major entertainment companies. A couple of the channels removed include Comedy Central.

Time Warner recently released their iPad app which allows users to stream content through their home network. Even though the app is in-home use only, programmers such as Viacom Inc., News Corp and Discovery Communications have argued that streaming to devices whether in the home or not, is not part of the programming deal they made with Time Warner.

The biggest issue for programmers seems to be that Nielsen ratings are not counted when people view shows on their iPad,  and if programmers can’t get the proper Nielsen numbers then they can’t get properly paid by advertisers. Networks have also said that since Time Warner only paid to bring their content to televisions, they’re in the wrong by providing it on the iPad as well.

Time Warner has said that they believe their within their rights when it comes to streaming to the iPad and indicated they might take legal action. They stated that they, “will continue to fight to ensure their customers have access to the content they pay for.”

Source: The Mac Observer

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