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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Amazon’s Cloud Music Service Irking Record Label Execs


Amazon Music


Amazon’s cloud music feature, which launched yesterday is catching flak from record companies already. A representative from one company stated that, the service is “Very uncompelling from a consumer standpoint”, and noted that it takes up to an hour to upload just two albums to Amazon’s cloud in a statement to

Amazon dosen’t believe they need licenses to store customers files according to their Director of Music, and I’m guessing legally he’s right, since there’s no word of anyone suing yet.

The Amazon service is pretty bare-bones compared to what Google and Apple are working on. The above mentioned hour long wait period to upload 2 albums alone is a pretty big deal breaker, even though the service is free. Not to mention there’s already other services that offer pretty much the same functionality.

Apple and Google on the other hand are working hard at trying to get their cloud music services up and running and fully licensed, Google dosen’t have the benefit of any kind of music selling service yet so they have to do double the work to catch up to Apple.  It seems like according to the record companies they won’t have much work to do to beat Amazon’s bad quality in this department.

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