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Friday, March 4, 2011

US and Israel Behind The Iran Stuxnet Hack Attack



The BBC is reporting that a leading security expert by the name of Ralph Langer, has stated that the stuxnet worm released in July 2010 was too sophisticated to be created by just anybody.

He stated that the projected would have required inside information so detailed that they creators of the worm probably knew the operator’s shoe size.

Symantec recently released a report as well saying it would have taken a team of between 5 and 10 developers six months to create something as complex as stuxnet.

The worm targets PLC’s (programmable logic controllers) in centrifuges and are capable of damaging the centrifuges ability to enrich uranium for weapons and or power.

The blame falls on the U.S and Israel. Their the only two countries with the capabilities and interest in stopping Iran from developing a nuclear program. The fact that the worm has such a narrow attack range and was released and used mainly in Iran just makes the U.S and Israel’s involvement all the more plausible.

Check the link for the BBC article.

Article: US and Israel were behind Stuxnet claims researcher

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