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Friday, March 4, 2011

Judge Rules in Sony’s Favor, You no Longer Have Privacy

Some asshole judge signed off the subpoenas today that will allow Sony to unmask anyone who looked at any videos related to GeoHotz and his PS3 hack, or visited his website.

This is a slap in the face to anonymity rights. The subpoenas are extremely broad, and no one should be unmasked simply for watching a video or visiting a website. Some are calling this ruling dangerous and scary. I see it as funny, it’s damned hilarious how childish Sony is being, they’re mad, and pouty because someone they see as just a kid was able to best an entire team set up to stop him from doing exactly what he did. It’s embarrassing.

So how bout this, game division of Sony, how about you stop sucking so hard at security, go fix those folks cheating on all your online games and leave the homebrew channel alone? Does it really kill game sales when you let users mod and create their own experiences on your console?

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