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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Amazon Cloud Service Almost Back To 100%


After experiencing some technical problems throughout the day, Amazon’s cloud services are almost back up to 100%.

According to Amazon’s cloud service status page, the problems started at around 2:00AM PDT when they started experiencing latency issues in their US-EAST-1 zones. The problem persisted and got worse, eventually causing disruptions in websites that use the service. Some of the websites affected included Foursquare, Reddit, and Quora. Other sites using the service, like Netflix have remained unaffected throughout the ordeal.

It seems like the worst of it is over now, all but one zone has been recovered and things are looking on the up and up. The problem has opened a lot of company’s eyes to the risk their facing using cloud servers, none of the companies affected seemed prepared and had to rely on Amazon to get their sites back up and running. So hopefully they learn from this and implement some sort of backup servers in case this happens again.

We should be hearing reports about the estimated losses due to downtime those affected websites suffered soon.

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