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Friday, April 22, 2011

New Round Of Gaming Consoles Might Not Come Till 2014


The gaming blog Kotaku is reporting that their sources are telling them Microsoft, and that company I will not mention are planning to wait till 2014 to release their next generation of gaming consoles, which would put Nintendo in a first-to-market spot if the rumors of their next consoles release are to be believed.

Although the Xbox 360 and the … are already at double the lifespan of the average console, Kotaku’s source tells them that both companies plan to hold out a few more years for new consoles. It makes sense seeing as both companies have updated their respective current consoles a number of times. The update may very well be the reason that both companies are lagging on giving us our new toys. Some people have speculated that they might just be waiting for HDD and chip manufacturing costs to go down before they start making any decisions. If they were to upgrade to anything meaningful before then it might mean as much as a $500-$600 price range, which is just insanity. No one wants to end up another 3DO.

Nintendo is already planning a console for 2012 and some people are expecting to see something at this years E3 and maybe a release as early as October 2011. This would put Nintendo in a prime position, first to market. Their new console is rumored to be pretty powerful and developers are already working with the software, so who knows? Maybe Nintendo will rise again.

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