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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Death of The Flip

Cisco Systems, makers of the insanely popular Flip Camcorder have announced that they will be discontinuing the product after a “deep portfolio analysis.”

The analysis apparently shows that although the Flip's selling great and people seem to love the product, it is just no longer worth the investment for the gigantic Cisco Systems. According to the company they plan to substantially reduce their investment in the consumer market as a stand-alone business and that they will only invest in it with enterprise, partnership and customers.

The news of the Flip's demise is surprising to most people who saw the little camcorder that could beat out Sony, Canon and JVC, becoming the top selling line of camcorders in the USA.
So RIP Flip 2006-2011 you started life in a small office and continued on to win the hearts and minds of many an amateur videographer. You will be missed.

Source: SF Gate

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