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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nvidia Makes Streaming 3D on PC Easier For Everyone

Nvidia’s 3D vision kit which allows users to add stereoscopic 3D capabilities to their PC’s got a huge upgrade and slight price drop last month, and now their looking to make it much easier to create and view 3D content online.

Nvidia plans to achieve this goal by way of a new plug-in which will be part of Microsoft’s open-source Media Platform Player’s (MPP) 2.5 Framework (previously know as the Silverlight Media Framework). The plug-in will include support for bot IIS streaming and Microsoft PlayReady DRM.

You can download the plug-in and the guide Nvidia developed that outlines everything necessary for developers at If you want to try out the code for yourself.
This is a pretty big step toward bringing more 3D content to the internet.  The 3D Vision Kit’s recent drop down to $150 makes it a much cheaper option than a full blown 3D television which may make more people give it a try before going all out, and I can only hope that since Netflix uses MPP they might start adding 3D content to their streaming offers.

Source: PC Mag

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