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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Game Trailer: Alice In Wonderland Goes Goth…Again


Electronic Arts’ Alice: Madness Returns is launching June 14th on Xbox 360, PC and that console by that company I don’t like.

The game is a follow up to American McGee’s Alice a PC game that released in 2000, that game was a pretty dark re-telling of Alice in Wonderland in which wonderland is really an insane asylum Alice was placed in when her entire family is killed in a fire. Alice must fight her way through the wonderland of the dammed in order to kill the queen and restore her sanity.

Alice: Madness Returns picks up with the poor girl being released from her ten year stint at the insane asylum. Alice is place in the care of a psychiatrist who attempts to help her with lingering psychotic issues. Only one problem, she has to go back into wonderland and finish the queen.

EA also announced recently that people who pre-order Alice: Madness Returns will receive a code to download the original American McGee’s Alice for free, those who don’t pre-order will be able to download the game from their consoles respective marketplace for $10.

Here’s a trailer:


  • Source: IGN
  • Official: EA

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