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Friday, April 1, 2011

HTC Thunderbolt Might Overtake Verizon’s iPhone Sales


The new HTC Thunderbolt was released on Verizon the 17th of March and sales reports are already putting it ahead of Apple’s iPhone at 28% of Verizon’s stores. Another 61% of stores are saying that the Thunderbolt and iPhone are neck-and-neck which leaves only 11% still favoring the iPhone.

The figures come as a surprise to many who expected Verizon’s iPhone sales to continue to grow pretty much infinitely. If the numbers keep growing on the Thunderbolt it could be a pretty big win for HTC seeing as HTC’s other giant media-centric phone the EVO 4g has been a huge seller for Sprint. However Sprint doesn’t have the iPhone and if you don’t have an iPhone well you don’t have an iPhone as the commercial puts it, so HTC outselling Apple in this arena would be a whole new level of bragging rights for them. Proving that they can still dominate Verizon sales like they did with the Droid.

Android can also claim some new bragging rights for pretty much the same thing. The OS has yet to overtake iOS on their other battleground AT&T likewise HTC has not been able to compete Against the iPhone on that network.

Of course the expected iPhone 5 release could shake these numbers up considerably, still it’s good to see people choosing HTC/Android. In my opinion it’s a really good pairing.


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