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Friday, April 1, 2011

Time Warner Cable Adds New Channels to iPad App


After dropping a 11 channels yesterday from their iPad app due to complaints by television networks, Time Warner Cable decided to get a little payback in the for of adding some new networks to the app overnight.

To be exact TWC added 16 new national channels and 3 local channels to the iPad app whilst we were fast asleep. The new channels include: CNN, Disney, G4, ESPNews and 30 some-odd other channels. I guess this is Time Warner's way of fighting back for their customers and hopefully make up for ‘caving in’ to programmers wishes, which is the way some people saw yesterdays reaction by the company.

I think this is a good move by TWC, losing 11 channels one day only to come back with more tan double that amount the next day is pretty impressive. Hopefully this will show the other programmers what they might be missing out on by alienating iPad users.


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