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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Anonymous Switches Targets in Sony Attack, Plans Sit in Boycott


Anonymous recently decided that they were going to give their full attention to going after Sony for its stupid, stupid, oh so stupid lawsuit against GeoHot. It successfully launched a DDoS attack on the PSN 6 days ago and shutdown a number of Sony’s websites. However gamers complained that these attacks were harming them more than Sony so they’ve decided to switch to face to face boycotting protests and shutting down the Sony career page.

The protests are set to start Saturday April 16, 12:00 AM and end exactly 24 hours later. The Facebook page for the protest currently has over 1,000 RSVP’s.

Another group of Anonymous hackers has decided that their going to target Sony employees individually and call themselves “SonyRecon”. Anonymous stresses that these people are not the same as the people carrying out OPSony but as Anonymous is, well, Anonymous if the goal is the same the support is there.

Anonymous is also stressing their reasons for doing this which are simple, there is no difference between jailbreaking an iPhone which is legal and jailbreaking a console, which for some inexplicable reason isn’t.

GeoHot has never said he supports pirating games or using the jailbreak for any illegal activity, information should be free and not hoarded for the profit of the people raping the great minds of our time.

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