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Sunday, April 10, 2011

YouTube’s New Live Streams Feature Now Playing


YouTube launched a new streaming service beta on Friday “which will integrate live streaming capabilities and discovery tools directly into to YouTube platform for the first time.” According to a YouTube blog post.

The blog post also states Google’s plans to incrementally roll the Live feature out “over time” to certain YouTube partners with accounts in good standing. As of now users can add events to their calendars, subscribe to channels to get updates and search via their new browsing page,

Like other live video streaming sites such as USTREAM and Live Stream there is a chat bar included with the stream so users can comment, ask questions or just generally be annoying during the stream.

This fits in with Google’s reported plan to spend $100 million on commissioning new content exclusively, some say in an effort to compete with cable companies, it seems pretty cool and I’ve already checked out a couple of revision3’s live streams, they were great quality, I have no complaints as of yet.

So go check it out it’s neeeeeato

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