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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Microsoft Shows off at MIX 11 With A Kinect Powered Chair


Image VIA crunchgear

Sure there have been tons of Kinect hacks that do things from let you play a very tiring game of Street Fighter to saving doctors thousands of dollars on body mapping hardware, and at MIX 11 Microsoft showed off  an armchair that can be controlled by the Kinect, and could this be the evolution of wheelchairs?

Microsoft, unlike Sony didn’t go out and sue people for getting creative with their hardware, they didn’t mind the open-source drivers that allowed you to hook up your Kinect to your computer and possible play pirated games, most likely because they understand that stealing software isn’t the only thing on every hackers mind and when you let ‘em have at, amazing things happen.

Hell they even decided to go all out and release an SDK for the Kinect to make it easier for people to hack the ish out of the motion-sensing-dual-camera badass little device. They used the upcoming Kinect PC SDK to create the armchair you see in the picture above.  The SDK supports development in Visual Basic, C++, and C#.

According to crunchgear the chair is only a proof of concept, controlled by hand motions and Microsoft will be releasing the source code with the SDK.

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