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Thursday, April 14, 2011

RIM Stocks Drop After Playbook Reviews


According to Bloomberg Research in Motion (RIM) took a pretty big hit yesterday after the reviews of the pre-release unit hit the web.

Although reviewers did find quite a few positive things to say about the Playbook the overall feel was that the device was unfinished and still needed quite a bit of work and a network to even come near competing with the current tablet king, the iPad 2.

The Playbook’s biggest flaw seems to be it’s lack of any email functionality for users, which is odd for RIM seeing as their BlackBerry  smartphones are known for their clean and secure emailing skills.

Another big flaw in the RIM’s Playbook is that it’s not connected to any carry, meaning the only web access you have is Wi-Fi, which is a pretty big deal breaker considering most tablets theses days are.

The Bloomberg report says that RIM shares dropped down as much as 4% to $52.66 in the Nasdaq, which puts it at it’s lowest in 5 months (since Oct 26).

It looks like not just the reviewers, but the traders as well don't have much faith that the Playbook has any real future in the market without making some pretty major changes first. Currently its on real selling point above the iPad 2 is it’s ability to play flash and promised future upgrades that will allow it to run Android Apps, which are really nothing compared to all Apple has to offer with their tablets or the upcoming Android Honeycomb tabs that will no doubt be touted as the next iPad killers.

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