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Monday, April 11, 2011

PS3 Jailbreaker GeoHot Reaches Settlement With Sony


A post on the PlayStation blog today says that George Hotz (GeoHot) the guy who cracked the PS3 reached an agreement to settle with Sony.

The agreement to settle was apparently reached on March 31, 2011 but hasn’t been made public until now, there are no details as to what is included in the settlement, however the post does mention there will be a permanent injunction against Hotz.

Apparently both parties are satisfied that litigation had been quickly resolved and Sony said their glad to put this litigation behind them. Hotz said it was never his intention to cause any users trouble or make piracy easier.

So I guess that’s that, there is no word from the group Anonymous who had been going after Sony for pursuing Hotz, so there’s no telling whether or not the planned sit-in boycott at Sony stores on the 16th will still be going down or if the group is going to continue the attacks against the company. If I know Anonymous though, there is no way they’re going to stop, the fact this settlement was reached still dosen’t change Sony’s stupidity in going after Hotz as well as others, or the fact that they acted like a bunch of greedy self serving a-holes.

I understand Hotz’s reason for wanting to settle quickly and I respect it, he’s not in any anti-Sony fight and I’m sure didn’t want to be the cause of Anonymous’ going after the company, and he is not. Sony is the reason Anonymous is attacking Sony it’s their reactions not GeoHot’s actions that caused them to enter this fight.

Source: Ars Technica

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