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Monday, April 11, 2011

UFC’s New Personal Trainer Game Set to Release This June on Kinect, Wii and Move


“Can you handle the intensity of a Mixed Martial Arts Workout?” THQ and Zuffa the creators of all the other UFC branded fighting games have set their sites on a new goal, getting you in shape.

The game is called UFC Personal Trainer and was designed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine with a little help from some of the leading MMA training experts Greg Jackson, Javier Mendez and Mark DellaGrotte. It will feature fitness routines and training programs that are meant to be intense and emulate a real MMA training session (with less blood of course). According to them it includes the best and most effective exercises utilized by today’s UFC superstars.

The game is set to release in June on Kinect, Wii and Move. However the version THQ chose to show in their first look vid is the Kinect version.

The Kinect version of UFC Personal Trainer will feature voice support for starting, stopping and selecting routines, as well as make full use of it’s pretty damned good body tracking system to make sure your following the work-outs correctly, which it will let you know by providing immediate feedback on form and technique. There will also be a feature to challenge your friends to a who-can-punch-the-invisible targets best games.

UFC Personal Trainer – First Look video


I for one am glad to see less dancing and yoga on the motion controlling hardware out today. I think this could be a pretty unique way to exercise, the Kinect I know is especially adept at tracking and sensing every bone on your body so  this might prove to be a good alternative to paying some guy to stand over you in-person and mock your girly technique and horrible form in an effort to get you into better shape. Plus it’s a lot cheaper.

Next up, someone get on Kinect P90x, now there’s an idea.

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